Non Chemical Pest Control Solutions

22 Sep

Being a universal phenomena pest control has been explored from various perspectives. Now the whole world insists on going green considering the thinning of the ozone layer. Pest control also has come down to the home made techniques leaving the harmful chemical contents far behind. We know the debates conducted over the ban of endosulfan. People try various old generation techniques, and they are found to be effective even though they are a little time consuming in their result.

We have many medicinal plants and in nature. And some times we do not realize how effective they are. Pest control has always been a part of human life since agriculture was the main livelihood in the older times. When we look at the epics we can see various methods of pest control using medicinal plants. But as time advanced and the technology developed perhaps human became greedy and wanting for more results. Life became faster and none had the time to wait for effectiveness and results .Thats how people started using easy methods such as spraying chemicals that give quick results but do a lot of harm to our environment. It causes a lot of imbalance in the ecosystem. With a number of NGO s spreading the need to go environment friendly people are slowly getting more aware of the hazards involved in using chemical pest control techniques. A few of the most popular non chemical pest control solutions are enlisted below:


Temperature Control

Biological control agents

Ultrasound devices

Light traps

Insecticidal soaps

Horticultural oils



Herbal sprays

These non chemical pest control methods are not harmful, and they do not have any harmful consequences to the environment. Being non toxic they can be used without any caution. For example neem oil can be used against insects and flies, orange oil can be used against termites. One need not worry about the side effects or allergic reactions that chemical pest control products may have on the body. There are various non chemical pest control solutions which are yet to be explored. A quick search on the internet will provide with several time and tested non chemical pest control solutions to keep your house pest free.



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